The True Play Community

The True Play Community

What is the True Play Community?

The True Play Community is place to learn, share, develop, discuss and research the practice of True Play in learning, development and communication.

True play is deep and uninterrupted engagement in the activity of one’s own choice. 

True Play is most frequently characterized by experiences of risk and joy. 

True Play flourishes in places of love, where the materials, environments and decision-making there attend to the needs of the individual and the group. 

When given space to reflect, those who experience True Play and those who take part in deep and engaged observation of True Play will create ecologies that make the understanding of learning and development a priority of their respective communities.

Should I Join?

If you are an adult committed to the values of True Play in the lives of children, communities, societies and cultures, please join our community. 

What is Expected of Me

True Play Community members should intend to embody the love that they seek to create and reflect on the joy that it entails. Members must respect every other member of the community and adhere to codes of conduct that seek to protect the safety of all members.

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